Educational Organizations

National Indian Education Association

NIEA brings Native educators together with hopes to improve schools and the education of children. They also influence policymakers, positively impacting the educational sector.

American Indian Education Fund

This organization offers funding and scholarships to Native students.

Catching the Dream

This organization offers funding to select students who have received other scholarships. The funding is guaranteed for the student’s four-year education and also beyond should they pursue graduate degrees.

Office of Indian Education

A branch of the U.S. Department of Education, the mission of this agency is to assist the efforts of educational groups in order to meet the unique cultural and educational needs of tribal students.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)

AIHEC provides a support network for 36 tribal colleges across the country. The coalition works to influence public policy in hopes of improving the educational environments of Native Americans.

Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)

This governmental organization operates within the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide educational opportunities for Native Americans, in a platform that works in accordance with the tribes’ needs and cultures.

BIE Programs

This page offers links with resources to the various programs run by the BIE.

BIE Schools

The BIE oversees 183 schools across 23 states. They offer a directory on their website which lists the schools and contact information with which they are involved in.

BIE Parents/Students

The BIE attempts to better understand students by considering their spiritual, cultural and educational needs so they can best serve their communities.


Newberry Library 

An independent research library based in Chicago, Newberry Library offers one of the strongest collections of printed Native American media in the world. This media includes manuscripts, books, photographs, maps, and art.


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