Food and Recipes

The staple foods of the Native American diet are corn, beans, and squash. These were called the “Three Sisters” because they were essential and grew together. Corn proved versatile in the south as it was used to make foods from corn bread to grits to whiskey. Native Peoples also introduced Europeans to pumpkins, tomatoes, and sassafras. Tribes developed complicated weaving and pottery methods for making utensils, bowls, and other cooking items.

First Nations Recipes

In honor of Native American Heritage month, First Nations released three cookbooks and has additional recipes on their site.


Native American Natural Foods

This company is focused on creating a family of nationally branded buffalo-based food products that are delicious and that promote a Native American way of wellness that feeds mind, body, and spirit.


American Indian Health and Diet Project

This site is dedicated to recipes that pre-date colonization. All recipes include only foods that were available to Native Americans before the Europeans introduced new meat and vegetables to their diet.

American Native Food

American Native Food provides resources for Native food websites, recipes, and native-owned food businesses.

The People’s Path

Twenty four traditional bread recipes.

Native American Indian Resources

This website has not been updated in 20 years but contains information about Native American foods and recipes broken down by category.


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