History of Native American Peoples


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History Channel

This article includes information on the different regions of North America and which tribes inhabited them. A brief history of each region (through the 19th Century) is included.


Native American Society on the Eve of British Colonization

Includes basic information on diversity of Native American groups in the pre-Columbian era.


Oxford Research Encyclopedia

The genocide of America’s aboriginal peoples is part of Oxford’s American History section


American Indian Social Studies Curricula

America’s First Nations Collection at Marquette University Libraries features curricula on Native Americans with reproducible copies of primary source documents from Marquette University and elsewhere.


First Nations History

Concise histories of each of the following tribes: Abenaki, Acolapissa, Algonkin, Bayougoula, Beothuk, Catawba, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Chitimacha, Comanche, Delaware, Erie, Houma, Huron, Illinois, Iroquois, Kickapoo, Mahican, Mascouten, Massachusett, Mattabesic, Menominee, Metoac, Miami, Micmac, Mohegan, Montagnais, Narragansett, Nauset, Neutrals, Niantic, Nipissing, Nipmuc, Ojibwe, Ottawa, Pennacook, Pequot, Pocumtuc, Potawatomi, Sauk and Fox, Shawnee, Susquehannock, Tionontati, Tsalagi, Wampanoag, Wappinger, Wenro, Winnebago

Indians of North America

This site is dedicated to the presentation of unique artwork, photographs, video and sound recordings which accurately reflect the history, culture and richness of the Native American experience in North America and has been expanded to include Indian people of Central America and Mexico.



Indian Territory Division of the Oklahoma Archives

On the archives, there is a wealth of information including transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, federal and state census records, vital records (marriage, birth, death), court records, church records (including membership lists, baptisms, and bible records), prison and military records, land records including deeds, transfers, tax grants and surveyor’s records, obituaries, marriage and birth announcements. There are also family histories, photographs and Indian rolls.


National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers

The purpose of this organization is to ensure the preservation of Native American traditions and culture. They closely monitor the U.S. government’s activities which affect tribal communities and their effectiveness.


Native History Association

This organization promotes the understanding and appreciation of Native American history. It does this by conducting tours of Native sites, working with local governments to increase visibility of Native history in public places, and distributing printed materials, videos, and other media to disseminate information on Native history to the widest possible audience.



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