Native American Banks and Affiliates

Hawaii First Federal Credit Union

Hawaii First Federal Credit Union serves members island-wide with branches located in Kamuela and Hilo and strives to provide exceptional financial and empowerment services to meet the needs of the community.

Molokai Community Federal Credit Union

The Molokai Community Federal Credit Union is a member owned Financial Cooperative Credit with over 3,900 members providing financial products and services since 1951.

Fox Institution

As a Sovereign Indian Private Bank, Fox Bank utilizes private assets and cash on deposit of over $100 Billion for the benefit of Indian Country. They offer a variety of savings and checking plans.

Native American Bank (NABNA)

This bank assists Native American individuals, enterprises and tribal governments to reach their goals by providing affordable and flexible banking and financial services.

Native American Baking Resource Directory

This directory, provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, offers the names of organizations and programs which can be used as resources related to lending/banking in Indian country.

Lumbee Guaranty Bank

Lumbee Guaranty Bank has grown to manage 14 locations throughout Robeson, Hoke, and Cumberland counties in North Carolina. They serve thousands of customers and hold assets of more than $400 million.

Local Bank

Established in 1907, Local Bank focuses on community reinvestment. The bank does a significant amount of charity and community service work, including offering scholarships and hosting livestock shows.

 Turtle Mountain State Bank

The first privately owned Native American bank on a federally recognized Indian reservation, the bank offers investment services.


A wholly owned subsidiary of the Chickasaw Banc Holding Company, Bank2 offers Native American home loans in the state of Oklahoma.

Bay Bank

Bay Bank was founded in 1995 by the Oneida Nation. It has $65 million in assets and provides federally funded programs to assist tribal members.

Eagle Bank

This bank is owned by the Kootenai and Confederated Salish tribes. Located in Polson, Montana, Eagle Bank proudly serves both Native and non-Native customers.

People’s Bank of Seneca

Established in 1996, this bank provides a range of services to thousands of customers across Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.



Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and originally chartered under Indian Territory Law, Peoplesbank is a pioneer in the industry. The first bank to remove bars from teller windows and collect utility bills, they are considered leading edge in customer service.

Woodlands National Bank

Woodlands is privately owned by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. They currently have seven locations throughout Minnesota.

Key Bank

Though not Native-owned, Key Bank offers customized banking solutions tailored for the Native American community.

Native CDFI Network

The Native CDFI Network was formed in 2009 to unify Native CDFIs serving Native trust land communities, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. The Network seeks to create opportunities to share the stories of certified Native CDFIs, identify collective priorities, and strengthen the industry. In addition, the Network works to ensure that Native peoples are represented in the national policy dialogue and innovative solutions. The Native CDFI Network empowers its members to engage their best ideas, connect with one another, and collectively advance policy priorities that foster systemic and sustainable Native community and economic development.

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