Veterans Programs

Native Hawaiian Veterans

 Native Hawaiian Veterans (NHV) is a tribally owned business with a local office in Honolulu, HI. Established in 2004, NHV is committed to excellence by providing innovative and flexible solutions to federal, state, tribal, local, and commercial clients.

US Department of Veteran Affairs

According to the Department of Defense, American Indians and Alaska Natives have one of the highest representations in the armed forces. VA consults with tribal governments to develop partnerships that enhance access to services and benefits by Veterans and their families.

Southwest Native American Veterans Association

SWNAVA, Inc. educates and assists Native American Veterans without regard to branch of armed forces, or combat status with regards to Veterans Rights, Entitlements, and Benefits.

Indian Health Service

Indian Health Service has a special area dedicated to the health needs of veterans.

National Congress of American Indians

NCAI proudly seeks fair and dignified treatment of all veterans and advocates for federal funding for American Indian and Alaska Native veteran programs and services.


American Indian Warrior Association

The American Indian Warriors Association is composed of military service veterans, many of whom served in combat.

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